Video events sometimes show as a single picture with no motion

Fairly often, when I go to view the event videos using the Wyze app (Events on the bottom toolbar), instead of motion video I’ll get just a single frame, a still photo. This is in spite of, under Recent Events, it shows that the video should last 16 seconds.

It happened just now and I really needed to see what the full video was, but it’s apparently lost.

It seems to happen most often on the Cam+Floodlight. Latest released firmware and app revision. And no, I did not press “Take Photo”.

Do you have CamPlus or CamPlus lite on the camera?
If not, you will get the snapshot you are seeing.

I never had this happen on my floodlight, but I would highly recommend putting in an SD card so you can always use playback to see previous recordings. Continuous recording is the safest but people have used events recording too.

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I have had that happen. Mostly when there was an error in uploading.

Many times this can be recognized by a green question mark on the right hand side under the image. Other times it will be a red “live” marker.

Either way, it is a corrupt upload video that won’t play. I have never tried to download this to see what happens, I always just jump to the continuous recording on the SD card and record what I need from there.

But, if it is a true thumbnail, which I doubt, there should be a watermark on the thumbnail that looks like a mountain with a sun landscape “Pic” icon.

I have CamPlus.

I have 256-GB cards in all my cams. That of course comes with its own set of issues about Wyze’s failure (or refusal?) to provide a clean and easy way to download from the card. But at least the videos should be there (haven’t checked yet, in this case).

You might want to try power-cycling or restarting your floodlight to see if it improves the events video upload.

One of my floodlights only has 2 bar signal strength but still has been able to upload all event videos just fine. Just takes a bit of time to load the live stream.

I had actually done that, due to another ongoing issue with these things that requires cycling power. I now have Kasa smart plugs on all my cams (ridiculous that I should have to do that, but it’s done…). I had to cycle power on that cam+flood the night before. But it didn’t make any noticeable difference in getting those non-motion snapshots.