Video doorbell (wired) - DoorbellPress starter not supported by device

When trying to make use of the Google Home Automation Editor, the DoorbellPress event is not supported by the Video Doorbell (wired).

[device.event.DoorbellPress] is not supported by device [Front door - Entryway]. The list of supported events: [device.state.Online].

Is it in the roadmap to include support for this starter? Or is there a workaround to make it work in google home? The main idea is to be able to broadcast a message when the doorbell is pressed.

I agree, I wish they would add more support for Google Automations. I’ve been trying to figure out home to do the same thing with my doorbell.

Unfortunately, device.event.DoorbellPress is only available on Google Nest devices. We can look into this if/when Google ever decides to open it up to third party devices.

More info on what is supported from third-party doorbells:

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