Video doorbell: Record motion events without sending notifications?

Is it possible to have the doorbell record motion events but not send a notification to our phones? I can’t find a way to disable the notification without also disabling it from recording motion events. My wife and I go in and out of that door a lot to do yard work so the notifications get pretty annoying.

You would do the following, if you don’t want notifications:

  • Go into Settings for the Doorbell and make sure you have Event Recording on. You do if you are getting Notifications and can see items in the Event Tab.
  • Then Tap on notifications and turn off the first toggle - Notifications. This will not allow notifications to be sent.

Alternatively, you can set up a rule to not notify during certain hours, when a Trigger happens, or via a shortcut. Simply, set the action section to turn off notifications on the doorbell.


Thanks for the help! Would this also turn off notifications from the doorbell presses? If not then this will be exactly what I’m looking for. I never disabled that because I assumed it disabled all notifications.

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Good question. Not sure as I use the VoIP option with my Doorbell. So when someone presses it, my phone actually calls me.

I can test it later today, not in a spot where I can readily do it.


I just tested it and I does still notify me when the button is pressed so it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!