Door bell notifications

Is there a way to turn on notifications to just the doorbell getting pressed, and not get notifications from the camera also?

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Which doorbell do you have please?

The video doorbell. I guess V1 now. The wired version.

@6xw9wfx6jq I would love to take a look. Do you mind submit a log for us to take a look this issue ?
here is the step how to submit log.
Thanks !!
Chuanzhu Xu from Wyze Dev team


There’s no log to submit. I just want to know if it’s possible to turn on notifications for just when the doorbell is pressed while not receiving notifications for the camera.

Yes. Disable the camera notifications. It’s either disable the AI and all other motion. Or disable the main notification toggle, and the doorbell press notification should still work. I can’t test it for you right now because it’s 4:30am, but you could test yourself later to be sure.

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You could enable the detection zone and black out the whole camera, then it should “detect” anything.