Unwanted Doorbell Motion Notifications

All. Reasonably happy wyze doorbell customer. Would be far happier if there was an RTSP option, or working homeassistant integration.

But the specific gripe I’ve got now is that I have motion notifications turned off in my iOS app, and still receive motion notifications. Have submitted several tickets regarding this issue in the 10 days I’ve had the product installed with no feedback.

Anybody else with this issue? Thanks!

6 weeks later, multiple tickets submitted, still have this problem. Anybody else?

In the notifications screen, do you have notifications set to “on” and motion notifications set to “off”. But still receive motion notifications push notifications?
Do you only want notifications when someone presses the doorbell? If so all you need to do is turn notifications to “off” and you will stop receiving motion notifications but you will still receive notification when someone presses the doorbell

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Is “motion detection” enabled under the "event recording " setting? Uncheck it. Stopping events will stop notifications. Like @pwu asked, do you only want button pushes notifications? No events?

Under event recording, detect motion is set to on.

Under notifications, notifications is set to on and notify me for motion events is set to off.

I want no notifications for motion, but notifications for doorbell pushes. Shouldn’t the above settings generate that outcome?

If I turn off detect motion under event recording, I don’t get videos for motion, which I want.

If I turn off notifications altogether, will I still receive push notifications for doorbell presses? That seems like a surprising outcome, since overall notifications will be off.

I had the same confusion. Turn off the overall “notification”. It will still give you the push notification when someone pushes the button. And you can still record motion events.

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That’s good to learn, but it’s not “confusion.” This is bad user interface design. Thanks for your help.

Same problem here. The UI does not make any sense, but at least it’s working now that I understand their doublethink.

Thank you. I too was confused trying to understand the interface options. If turning off “Motion Events” doesn’t stop the notifications for motion events, then what exactly does that toggle-setting do? I would have expected the main “Notifications” toggle-setting to silence ALL notifications, including doorbell presses.

I think it’s basically a bug that wyze needs to fix. I’m pretty sure when I had the trial cam plus subscription there was at least one other notification option available and I didn’t get any un-wanted notifications. But once my trial subscription was over and there was only 1 option left, I’d still get motion notifications unless I turned off the main “notification”