Video Doorbell ongoign problems - will not stay connected

There are those who have been experiencing the failure to load on the VDBv1 Live Feed (Stuck at 3 of 3) claiming that placing the doorbell in permanent “Night Vision Mode On” fixes the loading issue. The only drawback being that it will return only B\W video. Perhaps this is why it performs better at night?

Note that @WyzeJasonJ has indicated in that thread that there is a RC Beta in the works that will hopefully deal with the issues.

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I have been doing more testing. I was using a 20v ac power supply. Under load from the doorbell after the run of cable, there was 16v AC at the doorbell. The low end of the range…

I replaced it with a 24vac doorbell transformer, which has almost 24vac under load at the doorbell. Lets see what happens…so far so good

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Interesting that you should say that. I, too, purchased a rated 16VAC 10A transformer but actually outputted 21.5VAC. The door cam does work but I still need to refresh when going to live mode. So far i refresh one time and it goes right into live mode. If it stays like this, i can live with it. At least it works. All that other crap issues before made it unusable and unreliable. Keep us posted how your door cam works now with the new transformer.

Same problem with my doorbell. It has worked fine for a year. Now all of a sudden it won’t stay connected. It’s very hot to the touch even at night. And it goes from blue light to flashing orange non stop. Funny enough my v3 cam outside the garage same distance just started doing same thing. And it’s worked for a year as well no problems

is this going to beta soon?

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It just released to beta again today.

i have to report that it still acts the same exact way.
Hangs at 3 of 3 for a long time while in color mode. Night mode it connects instantly.
i am on

Can you send in a log and post the log number here.

You can send in a log through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. and make sure you pick the proper device from the list.

Done. It’s log 667651.


Wow, definitely notice it’s connecting much faster than ever before. First time in more than 6 months we made it through an entire evening without having to reset the doorbell because it was stuck on step3. Fingers crossed it holds and this is the trick!

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Still have the same issues with Sticks on 3/3.
Log 670921

Plus add an error 0 before it connects, and a few times connects to a black or frozen screen, 1/3 still hangs, same as 3/3. Motion detection better, but far from 100% fixed. Detection zone still doesn’t work correctly, but seems better. So, after 6 months pretty much same thing.
Log ID 671230 seems like waste time posting logs, but anyhow, here it is.

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I’m having great luck with this update. In the past it would only stay connected an hour or two, then get stuck on 3/3, I was resetting it 4-5 times a day. Since the update it’s holding, connecting fast, and hasn’t gotten stuck once! Not sure why it’s not working for others but thrilled it is for me. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Wyze Community Forum @gbare!

Have you posted your logs over onto the Wyze Wired Doorbell Firmware Beta Test 8/1/2022 thread where the devs are monitoring for bug reporting?

The system is honestly garbage but I blame myself because you get what you pay for apparently. The nest system is light years ahead of the garbage that wyze puts out there. I have two doorbells and five cameras. The cameras spontaneously go offline regardless of the extenders I bought for the internet signal. But the real nightmare has been trying to get two simple doorbells to work at the same time. Once they hook up, after 24 hours or less one of the two doorbells goes completely offline. They switch back and forth over which one will fail. For a year it was the front door, now they’ve traded places and the back door only goes offline after 24 hours. I had to put temporary wire nuts just so I can unhook the damn thing to reboot it on a daily basis. It’s not my internet connection it’s not my voltage, it is a software issue for sure with this garbage system. When you try to get tech support they send you a bunch of yuppies working from home in their pajamas to advise you by reading a book the company is provided for them. I can get the same service outsourced from India…Anyway I won’t have it much longer. My advice is, if you’re looking for a little temporary security system on a low budget this product will definitely suit your need… But if you’re really concerned about security and your property, stay away from the garbage this company is selling.


I get the same issue, FAILED TO AUTHENTICATE, then I usually get error code 06,(FAILED TO FETCH).
I sure hope they get a fix for this.

They’re not going to fix it. This issue has been going on for over a year. Again you get what you pay for. I’m going to get rid of this system soon I will never buy anything from this garbage company again

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After running 4.125.090 beta firmware for a week I have observed the connection issue is between the hours of 7AM and 9PM eastern time. No problems connecting from 9PM to 7AM eastern. This is most likely not a firmware issue.

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Do you have your doorbell in Night Vision Auto mode? Do those hours coincide with the hours that the IRNV is inactive? Have you tested with the IRNV Off or On?

Thanks for your reply SlabSlayer.

IRNV was set to AUTO. I experimented with it this morning and I now can get the camera to connect if I toggle the IRNV setting between ON and OFF. The camera will connect and stay connected. But when I leave the camera and go back into home screen of the app and try to connect to the doorbell camera again it will fail. I have to go back into the settings for the doorbell camera and toggle IRNV between ON and OFF and it will immediately connect again.

My local sunrise and sunset are around 7AM and 9PM eastern time. Gets light outside around 7AM and pretty dark by 9PM. So maybe something going on with the IRNV ?

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