Very long delays before Wyze delivers contact sensor triggers to IFTTT


I’ve been trying to setup an IFTTT applet to turn on some of my Wyze Bulbs (Color) when a Wyze Contact Sensor is opened. I can’t use a simple in-app Wyze rule because my desired condition is more complex than the time of day alone can provide, hence why I need IFTTT.

My problem is that the Wyze triggers aren’t being delivered to IFTTT nearly fast enough. I know that Wyze is receiving the Contact Sensor state changes in a few seconds, because I get notifications on my phone. I also know that the problem isn’t on IFTTT’s side, because if I use another trigger for my applet (such as an Android home screen widget), the applet triggers in a few seconds too. It’s just that when I try to use a Wyze trigger, it takes anything from minutes to hours. Please see the following screenshot, I’ve had delays between 3 minutes and 1 hour 38 minutes, both of which are unusable for smart home integration, but the latter being straight up abnormal.

The triggers that IFTTT received between 3:19 AM and 3:27 AM actually happened between 1:41 AM and 1:49 AM. Is there hope for my project, was there just a service problem when I was running my tests? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.



My experience is that the delays are on the IFTTT, not Wyze side. Twice I’ve contacted IFTTT for delayed action and both times the issue was resolved soon thereafter.