Feature Request: Wyze Sense to Trigger Wyze Bulbs without IFTTT

Currently the Sensor → IFTTT → Bulb has 4-10 seconds delay maybe due to various reasons. But I think it would be best to have a direct trigger from the sensors to the wyze bulbs like how the the wyze sense to wyze camera with only 1-3 secs delay only.


@Edgy, have you explored the Shortcuts feature of the app? Using Shortcuts, you can use Wyze Sense events to trigger actions on the bulbs. More info on Shortcuts is available in the Support link, top right.


Yep Shortcuts are your friend! IFTTT is great for what you pay for it, but it ranges from a bit laggy on good days to VERY laggy.

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Loki, not sure where you mean, top right of what? Thx

I believe he meant the top right of this web site. Type Shortcuts into the search box.

Click the word “Support” in the black bar at the top of this page. Then type “Shortcuts” into the search field.


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