Very dark image on new Wyzecam v2 - Anyone else seeing this????

I purchased new v2 cameras for the better resolution and improved night vision.

I set it up right next to my version 1 camera and the image on the new camera appears so much darker that detail which is easily seen on the original camera is not discernible on the new version.

I’ve had a trouble ticket open since April 22, but so far no reply and when I call in to customer service I go on hold for awhile and then the recording says no one is available to help, call back later and hangs up…




I also have two v2 and a single v1.

Night vision on the v1 is much better. I, also, am waiting for a reply and a ticket number as I bought the v2 series for a like reason


I have had a reply from tech.
Basically told me to power cycle the cameras. If that doesn’t work go thru the original installation again,

So far power cycling did not work.


reinstallation also failed to correct the issue


I’ve seen image quality differences from the day our first v2 cam arrived. We have 2-v1 and 4-v2 cams.
V2 Image is darker, lower contrast and has much less color saturation.
Same response from tech support. Power cycle, do a full reset. (Seems familiar from calling iPhone support as well :worried:)
I actually prefer the v1 in most situations since the motion detection seems more reliable (IMHO)