Vague error "no more" seen on the Pancam. No new timeline events recorded

I have a pancam with 16Gb SD card. Over the last year it seems it has had an issue maintaining recordings. An event is logged and I can view the 12 second clip but if i click to go to the playback, nothing is shown. When I manually go to the playback timeline and select the time that the event occurred, an error pops up saying “No more”. There are no events shown on the timeline and sometimes an error saying something like unstable network is seen (which is not the case because details show it at 90%). I have to remove and reinsert or format the sd card for it to begin working again…but past recordings are not recoverable. Has anyone encountered this? It seems to happen after the SD card’s space has been fully used and it doesn’t wrap around and overwrite past events…requiring a fresh format. Very annoying.

I’m having the same exact issue - both with the “No More” and unstable network issue. It seemed to have happened just recently, and have done all the troubleshooting I can (MY SD card is just fine). Does anyone know how this is solved? - or maybe point us to the right direction on how to solve it? Thanks ahead of time.