Vacuum woke us up, again

Why have a DND time setting in the robot vac’s options but still allow it to wake up and vacuum?

This is the second time it has woken us up. I kicked it off around 8pm when we headed up stairs with the kiddo, I assumed incorrectly it had finished vacuuming when I heard it head back to the dock. It usually takes an hour. Here we are at 1150pm and it kicks back on at 60% battery to finish a small area it missed.

This seems like a huge oversight. Do not disturb time should definitely refer to vacuuming as well as verbal announcements. :man_facepalming:

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I disagree. I schedule the robot to start it’s run at 11 pm 2 nights a week. I turn on DND at 9 pm to 7 am. If the DND setting turned of both the voice announcements AND vacuuming, then overnight scheduling would not be possible. Just my opinion.

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I’d offer that there’s a difference between scheduling and resuming. Both don’t seem hard to work around.