Vacuum that connects to in home vacumm

it would be awesome if there was a way to utilize the in home vacuum that is in the walls and goes to the garage to attach to charging station to 1.) charge the unit and 2.) to vacume

Sorry but that makes no sense. You want to convert the suction from a whole home vacuum system into electricity to charge a robot vacuum? If so, I can guarantee that will never, ever happen. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood.

Not really. The big problem with robot vacs is emptying it on a regular basis. With a whole house system you have a a way of getting rid of the debris in the robot. You can charge the robot several different ways but why not incorporate an existing system

Okay, dumping its bin contents into the whole house system sounds like a GREAT idea. But I thought you were also talking about drawing power to charge the batteries. That’s the part I find ridiculous.

Many in house vacuums have AC so it make total sense to have a home base unit that would plug into the hose/power receptacle that both charges and empties. I’d buy this for sure, maybe more than one.

I agree. Since i have a two story home, I would buy one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I believe my unit has AC as well but I’m not sure.