Vacuum LIDAR error message

I talked to customer support on 2/1 and received the return shipping label via email on 2/3. Sent the defective unit on 2/4 and received the replacement 2/14. Just got around to setting it up today but for various reasons I won’t be trying it out until tomorrow (I’m not one to rush into things :grin:).


I had the same issue recently but got lucky on the hold time. There was a warning when I first called that they’re expecting “heavy call volumes” but I got through to an agent in under 2 minutes. We went through all of the trouble-shooting, for reference they recommended:

  1. Making sure both your Wyze app + Robot Vacuum software are up to date

  2. Holding down the Power button for 5 seconds until you hear it say “factory reset,” - Mine wouldn’t reset so the solution was sending out a replacement.

Personally I’ve never had issues getting in contact with Wyze via phone, but I’ve had issues with email (I think they’ve changed their active email quite a few times so the emails tend to bounce back.) I’d recommend calling 100% if the above troubleshooting doesn’t work, as those are the steps the customer service rep had me go through to check if the vacuum was defective!