Vacuum goes in circles along edge of new rug

My Vacuum was working great since Jan but we replaced an area rug in the living room and now it gets to the edge while on the carpet and goes in circles along the edge. The carpet edge is only 3/8 in high.
See photo!
Vacuum map|372x500

Dark color rug? The cliff sensor would cause that behavior.

Yes it is a dark maroon color around the edge for about 3 inches. I wonder if there is a way to correct it? Or disable the sensors by taping over them? I have no stairs or step downs to worry about anyway.

I really wish there was a way to turn off the sensors for dark rug colors. I have a multi-patterned living room rug with dark squares here and there. The vacuum just circles and circles those dark squares and finally will clean the rest of the rug but the vacuum time is increased quite a bit just for these two squares. I don’t have stairs to worry about so I wish there were a way to just disable those sensors.