Vacuum feature?

So I can wall off areas I don’t want touched but I can’t select a place that I ONLY want. I.E. my kitchen table area usually needs to be swept multiple times a day (5 kids). I don’t see the need to have the entire room on my map done that many times. So has anyone tried to see if it is possible to pick a specific area cleaned. On my map the kitchen living room and dining are all one room. Or can I edit the map? Added photo for ref.

If the map shows separate rooms, you can highlight a room name (eg. Room2) and hit the Clean button and the vac will just clean that room. I did that last night and it worked perfectly. Some users have talked about an edit feature that allows the user to split a large “room” into the correct separate rooms or combine small areas into a room. That is the feature we need.

Yeah I see that. But my dining and living are combined on the map and it would be nice to make my own room or just highlight an area for a quick clean. Like I just need the area under the dining table done a couple times a day.