Vacuum - how to separate rooms for different cleaning times

Hopefully this is simple to explain, understand, and execute.

I am talking about a one floor situation here.
I have “3” rooms I’d like to separate.
Living room, kitchen and dining room.

In between the kitchen and living room is a baby gate. So the vacuum can not travel from charger to the kitchen (or dining room)

How do I proceed with letting the vacuum clean.

Do I pick up the charger and vacuum and put in kitchen?
Do I leave charger and hit clean kitchen and does it go that way until I need to pick it up and move over??

Thanks everyone. Great community here. Loving this vacuum so far

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You may be able to pick the vacuum up and move it over the gate, but this is not convenient and may cause issues with the map. If you can do it, try it and see how it works.

Love to find out what the best solution for this is…e.g. how to set up different zones to be cleaned on separate schedules. We don’t have any gates…the robot can access the entire area in one go, but if it tries to clean all of it, the battery gets low, so then it marches back to the charging station and then launches itself several more times before it gets the main floor clean…while still missing some areas. SO, this isn’t working. Thus, (once it actually creates an accurate floor map!) I would like to segment the floor area into three sections, and schedule the vac to clean each section separately, That way hopefully it can complete each one FULLY on a single battery charge and not get lost…and also hopefully got get separated from our wifi, which has happened the last two times it attempted to clean the whole first floor. So, whatever y’all discover, I’d love to know about it so I can make this thing work properly. :wink: