Vacuum bouncing off walls

I am curious if anyone else sees their robot vacuum “bounce” off the walls a few times before it straightens out. Even on totally straight, smooth walls under cabinets in the kitchen, it will take 2-3 bumps off the bumper before it can get into a straight line. Any idea how to solve this issue? Thanks!

Yes, I’ve noticed mine doing that as well when doing the perimeter. Sometimes on a regular wall / baseboard, but almost all the time in front of a reflective surface such as stainless steel or mirrors.
It doesn’t really affect performance besides slowing it down a bit. Not sure if there’s any way to fix it.

This is normal. I have had mine since pre-order and still to this day it bumps around some of my baseboards. Even when it (or in my case “Dusty”) cleans it continually maps with the Lidar, in case something’s there that wasn’t there before.

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