Vacuum Battery Discharges when on Charger

Device: Android 11 Pixel 5
App: Beta app 2.18.12
Vacuum FW: 1.6.97
Vacuum Plugin Version: 1.7.10

This is the first time I have experienced this. Vacuum has been on its charger since Saturday when it finished its cleaning. On Sunday, I looked and it was at 100%. Today, I looked at the app and noticed that the Vacuum said it had no Network Connection. I went to the Vacuum and noticed the lights were off. Simple moving it away from the charger, push and release the power button, put it back on the charger and waited. It then woke up, lights came on and it was connected to the Network again. The battery was at 5%.

Since reconnecting to the Charger, it is now at 32% and still Charging. Will be keeping an eye on it.

Anyone else experiencing this? Trying to determine if it is a bug with the latest App updates or FW.

Not sure my problem is the same, but the effect is the same. I hadn’t used my vacuum for a few days and it shut off at 3 am last night (I know because it told me in a loud enough voice to wake up half the house). Despite the fact that it hadn’t left the charger the last 3 days, when I wanted to send it out to clean this morning it only had 24% charge. I had to leave it in the charger for it to fully charge. Then I sent it out to clean and it was fine.

I have my scheduled weekly to run. Since that one time, it has been ok. Today it took off and had no issues. However, I do keep checking as I walk by it to see if the lights are on.

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