Vacuum shutting off after docking

I’ve been running into an issue where the vacuum will complete its cycle, connect to the base and then turn itself off. I haven’t witnessed it personally but would go into the app to start another cycle and see that it’s no longer online. Once I physically walk over to the vacuum I see that it is completely off with no lights at all. Once I turn it on, states that it’s charging and it’s does its normal charging routine. When I go into the app I see that it didn’t charge at all while it was in the off position even though it’s connected to the base. Why is it turning off? Also it’s not that the battery is dead when it shuts down because when I turn it on, and it begins to charge - it will have a decent battery level e.g. 37%


I just had the same thing happen and it was at 33% battery. Has worked great until today when it shut itself off right in front of the dock. I guess it did not fully connect to charge but not sure. Will keep track of it happens again.


I had the same experience last night.

I’ve been having the same exact problem. Vacuum is in its dock, charging… then shuts down without human interaction and so it appears as “turned off” in the app and isn’t ready for its next job.

This has happened numerous times. This is Model 200S, current firmware 1.6.113, Plugin Version 1.11.5.

I was on the line with Wyze for a while and all I got was a recitation of all the “tips” for successful vacuuming.

I love my Wyze cameras… my Wyze watch not so much (terrible face selection!) but I’m ready to ask for a refund on the vacuum.

I think there’s a hardware or software issue. Anyone else?

I’m having the same issues as of late too. It returns to the doc just fine, but shuts off and won’t charge until it’s manually turned back on. This is very frustrating.

Any update on this issue? I am still having the same problem.