V4 vs OG Models

You know I feel a bit deceived by WYZE regarding those two models. I thought the OG was the more sophisticated model of the two and bought a two pack. I bought the “supposed V4” model to replace two V3s. Yes I did look at both models but I guess I mixed them in my mind because they came out so close to each other. Yes, it is my fault but now I am not so pleased with my purchase. (I know, blah, blah, blah cry me a river.)
But I do love your products.

Not sure where you got that idea. The OG was always considered to be a return to a very inexpensive camera.
I have a few OG-Tele and very happy with them. The real optical telephoto is great in many situations.

Exactly! I am not a “WYZE” expert and I didn’t know what it was “supposed” to be considered.
But like I said it was my fault that WYZE has so many products that they’re easy to confuse.

Amazon accepts return no matter what.

Thanks, GREAT idea, but I bought the cameras directly from WYZE. I haven’t even opened them yet. I will talk to WYZE. But thanks I did not even think of returning! I have not gotten to the mail yet so I haven’t actually seen them. My remorse is purely virtual at this point.
I wonder how generous WYZE will be…

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Wyze has a 30 day return policy.