V4 Timelapse Differences

I was finally able to download my 1.6GB time-lapse video from my v4. I found the download was easier on my tablet as I left it alone to work by itself.

I did notice two things that are impressive when viewing the time-lapse.

When you play the time-lapse video, I noticed a string of text is inserted into the upper left of the screen, “Time lapse started on …” While nice and informative, I like the ability to post-edit my videoes. Can this be disabled like when I disable the logo? Choice would be a nice option for amateur film makers.

There is another item I noticed I fully like and support. When in landscape mode, a momentary vertical ellipsis (hamburger, bread crumbs) appears in the lower right corner. This is a great way to get to the menu without rotating to portrait mode.

Very nice changes. Thank you.

UPDATE: While viewing the video, I tapped on the screen and the message disappeared. Cool. Maybe it is just an on-screen label and not written to the file? Tapped again it came back on.

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