V3 Won't connect to network after firmware downgrade

I’m trying to downgrade the firmware on one of my V3 cameras. I’m downgrading the firmware to with the plan to come back to I’ve tried installing both but now cannot get the camera to connect to any of my wifi SSIDs. (And yes, all are 2.4ghz only.) I did the factory reset before trying to install these, but get the same connection timed out error regardless of which version I THINK is installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you take the SD card out when restarting/or resetting the camera, I think that is one of the steps???

Steps followed: remove SD card with power on hold setup button for 10 seconds release and wait. After that I get connection timeout when I try to add the camera back to my account.

So I had to go out for a hour or so. Came back and added the camera immediately. It then wanted to update to which completed without errors. Must have needed a rest.

Probably got confused with the different firmware snacks. Glad you got it working again. All my V3 cams are still on without any issues.

The one I was working on had a later version. Needed for the wz_mini_hacks to work.

Note: Perhaps it was due to the server outage I didn’t notice this morning.