V3 spotlight bundle on clearance at Home depot

Home depot has the V3 spotlight bundle on clearance for $25. YMMV

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Wow, that is nice, even if all you want is the $35.98 V3! :slight_smile:


Our local store does not have it on mark down,o-well cheap price for both items

Wouldn’t hurt to take it to the register and see what it scans. It probably is on sale

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It’s not on sale at my store either. They want $16.79 for the spotlight kit, which is still a good deal I guess. I thought about getting one, but have a flood light on a pole already in the back yard.
I tried to use my V3 in the chicken coop, which is about 100’ from the house but the wifi doesn’t reach that far.

Not on sale at my HD :frowning:
checked in KC since I am here visiting and not on sale either at the HD. great deal though! do you Ship LOL.

Hmm, not seeing the closeout online but they have the HMS bundle for $49. Seems a lot cheaper than Wyze direct?