Spotlight Kit back in stock

Hi everyone, good news/bad news- the Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight kits are back in stock, but now they’re listed at $16.98 each, including shipping. Does that seem a bit high to anyone else? I feel like the original price of $20 for the v3 was a great deal, and paying $10 felt excessive for an accessory, but this new price including shipping feels too expensive, especially if you want to order a few at a time.

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I believe this new price is part of the new shipping cost included pricing. Before the spotlight was $10 and shipping was $5 to $7 Now shipping is combined so the price is $16.98


Agreed, thanks Brlepage! It definitely helps at checkout to reduce the sticker shock, knowing what the total (without tax) will be at checkout.

I guess my complaint is that I would usually try to order a bunch of stuff at Wyze in one order to reduce shipping costs, and I don’t know that I can mentally justify $18 for shipping three of the spotlight kits- they’re so small! On the flip side, this might encourage me to get what I want when I want it, as opposed to waiting for a big order every now and then.

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