V3 SD card viewing

When I go to view continuous recording View Playback there’s the tabs to go back 30secs and forward 30secs. When I click on the tab to go forward it makes video time go back 11secs and when I hit the back 30secs tab it goes back a full minute. Also the sound you can hear for a few seconds then nothing for about 2secs and it does this the entire time I’m watching and listening to playback. Also I know it sounds crazy but I believe I’m being targeted by my local police dept and my phone is being illegally tapped. By law I’m not a drug trafficker, committing fraud against the government or insurance company and not a murderer so theres no reason they should be illegally tapping my phone. The reason I’m saying this is I get weird sounds on phone calls all the time. Fuzzy sounds and weird like robot sounds. And the 2 factor issue. Also in this pic I’m kneeling down in my backseat to grab something but you can’t even see me and look at the cars back window on left with the jagged edge. I believe that’s picture overlay. My cars are getting vandalized and the reason I see nothing is because there illegally manipulating my videos so I have no evidence. I have reported to the police but there not helping bedside some may be involved. I also believe they have caused my health problems. I’ve contacted the fbi but the last two times I’ve called they hang up on me. It sounds crazy but I believe there directing my phone calls as well. Is there a Wyze call center located in North Carolina? 90% of the time I call that’s where I’m calling. They direct every search I do on safari. Please I’m begging someone to report this to the FBI. My name is Jason Cox [Mod Edit]. I also believe they are trying to steal my identity and cause health problems to make it look like natural causes. I’m not crazy. Please, please,please HELP THEY CONTROL AND BULLIE MY LIFE AND THERE HAVE BEEN OTHERS THAT EITHER DIDNT CATCH ON OR ARE ALREADY DEAD. Here’s some names of people that are deceased and I believe because of them either was involved and knew information or was a victim like me. Vernon Rogers, Alice Howell, David Henson, John and Carolyn Houston, Butch Trucks of the Alman Brothers band he was the drummer, Terry Kate(male) Jerry Henson. If what I’ve been claiming isn’t happening or hasn’t happened then why would there be a need to monitor my every move and to cause me health problems hoping I die to shut me up and to everyone it would look like natural causes. Please help I live in a prison because there controlling my life. If anyone calls the fbi tell them my name is Jason Cox and that there’s bad corruption going on in Lenoir City, Tn37771 (Loudon county) the local government especially Police Dept Chief Don White I believe is involved in Murder, insurance fraud, and trying now to keep me quiet and trying to cover it up. Please help!!!

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Off hand, it sounds like you are using an old version of the app. That problem was fixed a while ago. Just tested on a couple of my cameras and both forward and backed worked exactly as expected.

They have my phone tapped. I just received a replacement base station from Wyze. It came in a yellow envelope with only the base station inside. It should have came in a Wyze box and shouldn’t it have come with a power cable maybe maybe not? WOW. Isn’t Wyze located in Seattle, Washington?
I also checked tracking on it and it stayed at this location about a mile from my home. It’s a chiropractor’s office in Lenoir City. Why was it there? I’m sure it was messed with because it shouldn’t have been there unless the mail man stayed there for a minute or two. That’s Possible maybe taking a break it’s very hot here. If I’m wrong I’ll accept it. Does anyone know if you have to pay for tech support from Apple after your warranty runs out? Thanks for replies




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I updated app and it still does the same thing.

Wyze has many shipping centers. The Base Station is currently not available as a stand-alone product for sale, hence the non-standard packaging. If you doubt the shipping source or have any other concerns about your order, please give Wyze Customer Service a phone call:

Also, please refrain from posting personal information.

I can’t get it to connect in travel mode. Why is this an ongoing issue? I wonder

I recall this occuring with another user in the past as well. The reason that it was happening was because the Time on the phone was not automatically synced with the cellular service and had been modified so the user was ‘always early’ to work. Thru some trial and error, we determined that those fwd\rev buttons are somehow anchored in the phone time as a point of reference, not in the timestamp time. Once the user reset the phone time to auto update and then synced the cam time with that, the buttons were much more accurate.

I will also get this occasionally on my phone. It happens ALL the time on my Alexa. The issue is bandwidth quality. The video is the stream priority, the audio apparently isn’t. I made my critical cams and my phone priority clients on my WiFi and the stream quality improved, my Alexa is not. I would predict that playing the video back on a computer from the uSD would give you the clean audio you are looking for.