V3 Person detection and notification

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wonder if you can help, i have 3 cameras that were on cam plus trial and i had them setup somewhat perfectly.
Once the trial ended i reverted to cam plus lite for person detection and now i seem to be having issues

What i am wanting is the cameras setup so that any motion is recorded ( if it has to be ) but i am notified if the motion is a person, i believe this to now be “free/donation” service

can someone share with me the setup and settings you have to do a push notification to a phone for this event please as i cant seem to now land it right


From the cam’s settings menu, for Event Recording, toggle Detects Motion ON. For Cam Plus Lite, you can’t toggle any AI types ON under Smart Detection, but Person is on by default.

From the cam’s settings menu, for Notifications, toggle Notifications ON and toggle Wyze AI Events ON. Toggle “All Other Motion Events” OFF to be notified only if a person is detected.


Thank you, this is what i thought however i see a couple of things that are throwing me

1/ under detection setting when i click on smart detection “person” is not selected ( this maybe just a design and maybe its already enabled in the back i dont know )

2/ when i go to notifications at the bottom i have a message saying “you will not recieve these notifications until you enable event recording”

I have made sure all cameras are loaded to cam plus lite

If you are running Android, make sure you have the latest version of the app, currently v2.28.0 (102). Make sure you v3 firmware is up to date, currently at

Person will not show as selected under “Smart Detection”. It is enabled and unchangeable with Cam Plus Lite.

If you see your cams listed and toggle ON at Wyze app Home > Account > Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy), try powercycling (unplug/replug) your cams and reboot your phone/tab.

Then, go back into the Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy) menu > tap “Set Up Person Notifications” at the bottom > tap “Next” at the bottom > make sure your cams have Person Notifications toggled on > tap “Confirm”.


There is a little issue where you cannot set this even if it seems the Detection Settings are set. What you need to do is go to Event Recording, turn off Detects Motion, back out one menu so it saves. Then you go back into Event Recording and turn it back on. This will allow you to select Wyze AI Notifications in the Notification area. Make sure the camera is on Cam Plus Lite or Cam Plus.

If you are using Cam Plus Lite, you do not need to do anything with Smart Detection in the Event Recording Area.

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Something is still amiss. I have set it up properly as indicated and have tried toggling all settings, power cycling cameras, doing logouts, and typical troubleshooting. Cleared cache. I have the same issue. I’ve done everything but reset cams and start from scratch.

I also had a CamPlus trial that worked perfectly—for all types of AI. All I get now is motion alerts, but thus far it has never done a person detection.

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Whenever I try to go to AI event recording my all crashes. I’ve deleted the app, added it back, reattached my cam plus, tried every trick in the book and cannot get the AI event recording to even allow me into it now.

Person detection stopped working on the 1st with Cam Plus Cam v3, tried toggling ai and detection, only motion is being detected, app and firmware updated…

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Same issue for me exactly. The setup (confusing as it is) is correct as described above.
This is only a problem for my new cams (v3 and pan) which had a trial of cam plus for 30 days or whatever… So it might be an issue with switching from trial to Cam Plus Lite. My old V2 that I’ve had for years works fine switching to Cam plus lite, with the exact same setup… it tags things as Person correctly the others do not.

Wyze support seems rather worthless… but maybe if enough ppl open tickets they’ll believe us

Welcome to the community, it sounds like the issue you are referring to is a known issue being worked on currently.


Thank you for acknowledging it! Lmk if you need anyone to help verify the fix.

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FWIW - I have the same issue and have tried everything including a factory reset. Glad to see that it’s a known issue.

I have the same “lite” issues as all of you with v3s and pan cams despite settings being straight.
I noticed at 2pm yesterday, Just noticed while peeking at events, and having only my affected cams checked with Person darkened in app events tab, one of my 9 affected cams sent ONE PD notification (WOW) while I was working on a feral cat bed, not sure how exactly that happened while all the others are not working, and it’s not sent another before or after that one.

Signs of life in “lite”?

Hi all,

Just to report i had identical issue that “Person Detect” is not happening for PD Lite on Wyze V3, despite all settings are done correctly in the app.

This all changed after upgrading to latest V3 firmware that was sent out on 2/17/22.

I’m now getting Person Detection on my PD Lite enabled Wyze V3 Cam.

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Excellent, same for me, updated FW on the V3 cams and the Pan cam and the People are being tagged and the notifications coming.

Thanks for addressing the bug Wyze team!

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