V3 outdoor power adapter Canada

So I accidentally bought the extra V3 cam when I purchased my floodlight cause I did t realize it came with a cam. So instead of sending it back I thought I would use it outside. But as you know it doesn’t come with an outdoor power adapter. Ok. I’ll buy one. Not on the Canadian webstore. K. I’ll order from US. Nope. Won’t ship to Canada. After contacting Wyze 3 times they suggest I buy from Amazon. Ok. ITS $39.98!! from Amazon but $11.99 USD in the states. Seriously??? What do other people do for a work around or do you just pay the extra $40 so you don’t burn down your house?

Get an outdoor outlet cover like this . Make sure it is deep enough for the V3 supplied power adapter.


That price is nuts. I have 2 schools of thought on what to do.

On some of my cameras, I have them inside looking out thru glass. What you have to be sure of is there is there is enough outdoor light to let them work either in Night Vision without IR lights or an daytime vision. And that the room they are looking out of is not illuminated, unless you accommodate for window reflections.

The rest are outdoors, but fed from some sheltered location, like @Antonius suggested. In my case I removed a bulb from a backyard light covered by a white globe, and put the works in there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks! Glad someone agrees with me about the $!

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Use this with @Antonius suggestion for an enclosed outlet: