V3 Cam Redneck Rain Shade on a Budget

After reading some posts about cams suffering water intrusion, I began to wonder how long several of my V3 cams would last since they are directly exposed to the elements without the benefit of an eave or overhang.

I was installing new LED Floodlights (plugged into Wyze Plugs for PD AI Activation), so I was already going to be up the ladder. I didn’t want to pay stupid prices for plastic covers and moreso I didn’t want to wait. The lights were going up today!

Home Depot is far too close and convenient for me and I needed some other things too. For $4.58 I picked up a 15 inch 3x4 Vinyl Downspout Extension.

I plugged in the Dremel with a cutoff wheel at medium speed and cut down 1 inch on each 3" side twice to create tabs and then cut away the excess. The Vinyl is quite bendy so it was easy to bend the tabs in. I made these an inch so that the open space between them left room for the V3 base to be secured directly to the house. These tabs will be the mounts.

I then measured for the top depth. The first one I made 3" but I wasn’t happy with it so the next was 4". I marked out a 45° back cut line and commenced to slicing. You can probably do this best with a band saw, but I had the Dremel all warmed up already. And, once the first 45° is cut, it makes the 45° for the next one already.

The edges cleaned up nicely and the Rain Shades mounted over the cam’s nicely.

So, for about $1.53 each, using 5" of material for each, I can get three of them for $4.58.

If I bought the 10’ length of downspout for $13.98, I could have made 24 of them for 58¢ each.


That’s a great idea! Blends right in and cheap!