V3 - Cam Plus advertisement causes error code 04

On the Android app – if I am viewing an event (eg. watching its video) and then go to swipe left/right to view the next/previous event, and it passes over the event slot where Cam Plus advertisement is, I get error 04.

This happens on my phone which runs Android 8.1 and I’ve tested this on my girlfriend’s phone which runs version 12. This has been happening ever since they added advertisements to the event screen. It only ever happens if I swipe past where the advertisement is, I never get the error any other time.

Anyone else? It’s really annoying and figured I’d finally report this.


Sounds like a good bug report. You could submit it to the next “fix-it-friday”, and contact Support and let them know about the found bug. What app version are you using? When testing this, when you can recreate it, make sure to make an app log at that time then refer to that number when you contact Support so that it can get to the proper devs/Engs, and then provide it with the fix it Friday so all the info can stay together. :slight_smile: Thanks!


I am experiencing the same issue as CM55 on my Android device (never on an Apple device). The Error 04 always occurs when swiping to view the most recent event video. It never dawned on me it could be related to swiping over the Ad. I have Android 13, App version

Log ID 791980 was submitted on 11/11/2022 about this problem.


Me, too.

The ad only appears when you’re viewing Events from a single cam.

v2, Android app 2.37.0 (117), Cam Plus Lite


Bug reproduced and confirmed in current Android App Release

Reported in App Release Thread. Linked both reports by @CM55 and the previous report by @peepeep.


I am sorry this is happening. Thank you for finding this bug and letting us know. I have sent it up to the team.