Error code 04 when trying to view uploaded video clips

Original install of the base and 3 WYZE Outdoor cameras was all working fine. Updated to Cam Plus and now, I get alerts from an event but when I go to look at the recorded video on the cloud (Cam Plus prevents your base from recording to the installed card) I get an Error Code 04. Trying to use the app on a Samsung phone Edge 7. The weird part is, I also installed the app on BlueStacks on my PC. I can see a whole lot of uploaded videos using BS, no error code at all. But the phone gives an error code 04. It did not do this until I upgraded to Cam Plus. Trying to work with Customer Service but no answers yet.

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Same here, I suddenly stopped being able to view event recordings on my phone (Galaxy Note 10 Plus). I get the notifications and once I click on it, it takes me to the app, I can briefly see the list of events and then I get the error message you also see. Seems like it stopped working randomly for me.

Working now. What I did was uninstall the app, search in the phone (using my computer) and search for anything left from WYZE (I found a folder) and delete it. Reboot the phone and re install the app. Log back in. Seems to be working now.

I tried to play events , not upload.
error 04
Wyze has problem with their server?

this is new to me.

Did you do what I did to solve the issue in my post above?

I have not because it is quite a production to get it to work.
I have this issue after Wyze App update.
For me, It seems to be Wyze cloud server issue.

But thanks for your reply. and help.

If you don’t uninstall the app, remove the files in your phone as directed and reinstall it, then you haven’t tried.

I received the error code 4 recently after a firmware update. In the app, when I tapped on Events, this error code would appear. I have an SD card installed and use that for recording purposes.

Logging out and logging back in to the app seemed to fix this issue for me.