04 error code

When I enter “event” to review a clip, and if I delete the clip on that page , then back out to the “Event Page that particular clip video is still listed and if selected again gives a “04 error” code…”
If then deleted from the event list all is fine. seems just a minor software glitch, just FYI

Welcome to the forums! If you pull down to refresh the event screen, does it disappear? Maybe it’s slow to update the list of events after the delete.

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It didn’t work that way until the application update prior to the one that came out today. I’m hoping today’s application update fixes this along with another issue I’ve been waiting on.

Well it definitely didn’t fix my other issue I’ve been waiting on. I didn’t bother checking if it fixed the issue discussed by the op. Back to the beta app for me. Err!

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If I just went back to home screen then back to event no, the "event still showed and if selected gave a 04 error code. BUT If I closed app and reopened then the that event was gone.

In order to refresh the event list and get rid of the deleted events, simply click on the date. This will refresh events for that particular day and get rid of the events you have deleted.