Events Recording

When I click on EVENTS, I receive an error message that NO EVENTS RECORDED yet while reviewing events captured, I see all the captured clips of movement, sound, etc. In addition to that, any time I click on an event, I can’t simply resume where I left off. Example: If the time of reviewing is at 9am and I see something to review at 5am, I can watch it but the moment I go back. I am having to start over again and keep scrolling until I get back to where I left off. It used to resume right where I left off and now it does not.

What do you mean by this? It says no events found but you are still able to view events? Could you provide a screenshot.

This is a known issue for some app versions. It is being fixed right now.


I’ve tried multiple times to screen shot the error message but it disappears faster than I can manage to take a pic. However, despite the error messages I am still able to see all the events of the day and night which means its functioning but had some strange issues.

Also, at the bottom of this message it reads for me to reset my filters. I’m not sure what that means. What filters??

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Screen recording an option?

In the photo above, the blue bracketed stuff are some of your filters that change what is displayed in your event tab. If anything is purple here, then it’s filtering out what is recorded to only show what matches your filters.

You can also click the actual filter icon (circled red) to see the mega list of devices and filters that can be applied. Ok the page is a “clear all” that will remove all filters which is what I think your referring to.