No Events or event recording

Not getting any Events or event recording.

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Try pulling down to force the event screen to refresh. Also you can do that for each day to be sure.

On each camera you wish to capture events for do you have it set to do that? I have a screenshot below. It is from the iOS version of the app.

Lastly is it possible that there were no qualifying events?

Thanks. Although this still doesn’t work.

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I just noticed my sense products were not running… sure enough there was a firmware update for the sense bridge. After trying a couple of times unsuccessfully, I restarted the camera with the bridge and installed the firmware… working now…

Try power restarting the camera and exiting and re-entering the app. Won’t give you videos you don’t have, obviously, but sometimes it will correct camera problems.

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I had no event recording, then realized I had not selected “devices” on the “Filter by” section of the events screen.