V3 Cam Location Trigger NOT following Rule

I tried to set location triggers to mute/unmute notifications to my address as I come and go. But i still get notifications when i get home or walk in front of it…when im supposed to be in the geofence…
I have tried to set the boundary small or wide.
My ios wyze location setting is set to “always”.
I only use my iphone with this cam and no other device nor sharing this cam.
Cam and phone are connected to Router’s 2.4hz network.
iphone not on low battery mode.
Tried reinstalling wyze app, deleted cashe, reconnected cam.
My history does show the rule activated but apparently not actually executed.
What do I do??? Or do I accept the answer of “this function is still in beta”…?

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Welcome to the forums! Can you post a screen shot of your rule? Make sure all actions are shown. We can start there …


Yeah, I have been experiencing hit and miss success with GeoFencing as well. I have set rules to turn cameras on and off depending on me entering or exiting the area. Sometime they work and sometimes they don’t. Typical Wyze :wink:

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Any news on this? I have a similar issue.

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No change, still hit and miss. Unable to determine what’s causing the miss.

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Location rules never work on my end

I just bought a new wyze cam OG and set up a location trigger rule today , it didn’t work

I’ve been reporting on location trigger rules not working since the end of last year !