V3 cam appears dead on new Wyze Floodlight


Pretty bad when you have a product being sold at Home Depot that isn’t supported by the app yet.

So just a flood light for a while :person_facepalming:… More thought went into the video than the release it self :rofl::rofl: wyze we love your products but happened there :person_shrugging::laughing:

Glad I postponed buying a pair at Home Depot.

Think I will wait awhile too, to make sure bugs are not in the software too :rofl:

I’m just leaving mine in the sealed box till all is good and ready for install. I expect some hiccups… pretty sure they will work it all out.

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It is, but it’s because HD released it early. That sent Wyze scrambling.

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But does not Wyze control release of their products to their distributors?

In an ideal world. All I know they were surprised to find HD putting them on the shelves when the shipments were marked to hold.

Something doesn’t make sense…didn’t there own video on the product specifically encouraged to check at our local HD…was the video leaked as well​:person_shrugging: :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I’m sure that video was meant to be released later, on the real release date.

Yup, they where forced once they found out I guess, but it still doesn’t help.

Wyze still looks incompetent by having a product on sale that isn’t supported in the app. Poor coordination if nothing else. Just looks really bad.


You all stop hating on wyze…theyre trying dagnabit!!


I was excited about the WCO and Video doorbell and reviews stopped my purchase, in a way this messed up release was a warning to me to hold off for awhile on the Wyze Cam V3 Floodlight.

I will wait and see how many complaints and issues are associated with this new offering long before I buy one and try and review this product.

Wish wyze would of stuck just to the original core product of cameras, as all the other non-camera junk is just polluting the Wyze App in my opinion.

Would be great if the had an All-In-One App
And a separate App that was only Wyze Camera devices :exclamation:

But that won’t happen as the limited number of firmware/software employees is outweighed by the vast number of Chinese product Sourcing workers and apologetic yet barely solution providing support staff.

Only good products and services in My Opinion So far are the V2, V3, Pan Cam
and CamPlus Unlimited

While I generally agree about focusing more on core cameras, I think this floodlight camera absolutely IS part of such a focus.


Retail shelf space is extremely competitive. I’m sure Wyze doesn’t want to press the issue so hard as to forfeit prime shelf real estate.

The right hand of Wyze is NOT connected to the left hand of Wyze, I recently sent a support conversation to a Forum Mod proving that the lack of inter-company communications is almost non-existent.

A feature was offered and available to CamPlus users but support staff was totally clueless.

I won’t post that support conversation as NOT to embarrass Wyze :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
However a Forum Member did see transcript of the support conversation via DM.

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How would the support side know about a new or changed feature that got released if R&D didn’t provide the appropriate information and training to support the feature? Of course product management often pushes R&D to release changes before the complete release cycle, including support training, is complete.

Sort of sounds like HomeDepot selling the cam floodlight before the various supporting infrastructure was released.


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Hope the release is bug free :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Will watch the posts on forum and decide when to grab a pair of these Wyze Cam Floodlights for install and reviewing.

Plan on modifying to run on my A.C. powered battery Backed up system, so hopefully they will be easily modifiable to run on 14-12 volts D.C. and 5 volts with regulator adapter :exclamation:

Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications ← Link to my powering system

Would be great if modifiable as during a power failure I would have lighting to the outbuilding behind the detached garage where generators are located, rather than looking for a flashlight :smiley:

EDIT: Updated to current App with Wyze Cam Floodlight, still may wait to get a pair or not…
Tough decision but did back up previous APK so I can roll back if new App is Buggy :exclamation: