V3 Android app bug

The is a 4 second video. Android app v2.24.1 shows it as 5m. V3 w/ CamPlus and Screenshot_20210910-201746|690x455

I have experienced a similar issue in the past, I would upgrade the app to the latest App Version to see if it has been corrected. I beta test the apps and Firmware so my versions are a little different. However, we both have the same v3 firmware loaded. The latest Production App for Android is 2.24.23. I cannot seem to find the version you listed. :slight_smile:

I have not noticed any issues since upgrading to the newer versions. However, I can’t recall when that was.

I’m beta as well and that’s the most recent version available for me as of this moment. Maybe there’s some other distinctions that give you a newer version than the playstore says is available for my phone.

The newest Beta is actually 2.24.41, is that what your 2.24.1 represents?

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Oops, yeah. That would be .41, but on mobil and I stuck a fishing hook in the left thumb so I’m lucky if I get anything right today.



I’d love to tell you it’s the 1st time, but that’d make me a liar as well as clumsy.

Sorry to hear that… :slight_smile: I will need to now check and see if the issue is still happening on mine.

@Newshound , good catch.

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