V3 512GB SD Card

I thought I would try a 512GB card in one of my V3 cameras and it seems to be working.

The camera sees 460.93GB

I allowed the camera to format the card.

Was this a fluke?

Is the camera actually seeing this much?

If so then I’ll get me some moar of these cards



There have been reports of others using large cards. The key will be to measure how much it uses. Looks promising though.


Promising indeed!

I have it at continuous recording for about 4.5hrs now and it has used 1.3GB

I’ve ordered a couple more cards and will test them in the next couple days


Thought I would toss this in…

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It’s been 24hrs since I installed the 512gb card

Card usage = 8.04GB

Which works out to about 57 days worth of recording…if things stay the same rate

I say it works!

I’ve installed a 512gb card in both my Pan Cam V3 and Cam Pro V3 a few minutes ago and it looks like they are working there too :slight_smile:

Daily updates for the next 2 months until the card is full and starts to overwrite then? :rofl::crazy_face::rofl:

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I’ve been taking down these two cameras, the Pan and the Pro, and downloading them onto my PC when they get full. Each in their own directories.

These two cameras are up kinda high, so a larger card will mean I don’t have to go up there so often.

This is the card I bought…

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Ummm. OK. Is there a need to maintain archived video?

I am using the TeamGroup 256GB High Endurance SD Cards in all 26 of my cams that take cards and have been very pleased with their performance.

With the price the 512GB cards have come down to, I might consider upgrading when I run out of cards for new cams.

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24 bucks is a temporary deal, I think, so I got 4 of them.

I don’t know whether it’s a good idea to archive these cards. I was just thinking it would be prudent. The police know I’ve been doing it in case they want to see if some perp happened by the cameras.

I might change my mind…but it’s something I can do every once in a while to keep my mind occupied.

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