V2 Recording Playback Issues

So I am trying to watch some recording from a SD card from less than 24hrs ago, and the playback is super slow and glitchy. The video freezes constantly and will not play smooth video. Is this an issue with the camera, SD card, something else? I’m on a good wifi connection on both ends.


Thanks for any insight.

Are you on a different network than the camera? Even though you have strong wifi signal, it could be too slow of an upstream internet speed on the camera end. Have you tested the upload speed?

It is different networks, home and work. I have also not tested upload speed. What is an ideal minimum upload speed for this type of instance?

I routinely encounter “various playback challenges” (on my V2 and V1), but ultimately get the results I want. I suppose it also could be the processor in my HTC One M8 cell phone, which is now “old”.

I also imagine that Wyzecam developers are aware of these issues, and therefore… the issues will diminish over time.