V2 outdoor cameras

I’m very disappointed with trying to set up the V2 outdoor camera to record when I have either workers in the backyard or any person that might come walking through.

Also, being away from home for several months, the battery life is rapidly dwindling and it’s NOT from being overused. As I said, it doesn’t tell me anything unless I happen to catch the person live.

All V2’s should be upgraded either with firmware or new units free of charge. I’m very unhappy and I’ve had them leas than 6 months.

The V2 and the Outdoor cam are two different camera models. And, yeah, the Outdoor model kinda sucks.

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There is a “Wyze v2 camera”, and a “Wyze Cam Outdoor” (WCO). They are different cameras. There is no “v2 outdoor”. If you are referring to the battery operated camera, that’s the WCO.