V2 Firmware Update - Too dark at night - underexposed

Hoping to get the attention of Wyze with this, please reply if you’ve also experienced the following;
Updated firmware on V2, Lost track of exact update number, approx within last 4 months, was hoping latest would fix it, but its way too dark at night, eg underexposed. I have already reached out and completed troubleshooting steps. I have multiple cameras, all same issue. Effectively useless for me at night. Very noticeable difference. Wyze - please issue another update for V2 cams with a fix!


Welcome to the forums! Can you post a screen shot of the camera view in darkness and in light? Maybe a simple re alignment will help, or a slight movement if there is something that is reflecting it back at the camera. Thanks in advance!

This is in the exact same place and position it has always been, unfortunately I do not have a photo/video/screenshot of what it was previously, but I can tell you for sure it was way lighter, eg could see people, cars, buildings at night. Its super underexposed after the firmware update. The other cameras I have are same, indoors, outdoors, same issue, much darker.


Hey @macaroni8

Here’s a thread (may not be apples-to-apples, but at least apples-to-fruit :slight_smile: )



Yeah, my v2’ clips also look like crap at night after the latest firmware update.

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This is exactly what happened to V3s after the latest FW update.

Wow, that’s completely dark. Make sure the night vision LEDS are on, check advanced settings for that, and when you view the live stream, make sure night vision is set to auto.

Can you send a pic of what it looks like during the day?

I have five V3 and two V2 cameras. Last week there was a firmware update for the V2 from to I applied it to one of my V2 cameras.

That V2 camera is mounted upside down attached to the ceiling (so I have it configured to rotate the image by 180 degrees). But after the firmware update, the image was upside down again, and when I checked the settings, all settings were back to the default values, and I had to configure everything as I remembered it was set to before.

I don’t remember if the default night vision setting was off and whether that is something I had to enable again, or not.

But checking the settings is simple enough to check.

After this, and with all the reports of issues with this latest V2 firmware, I have not updated the other V2 yet. It has been working fine as-is for a long time, and the update does not have any changes that I think I need, so I have left it as-is for now.

The release notes does say that if you go back to a previous version after this update, that you need to go through the entire setup process again, so that sort of implies that there is a setting compatibility change in this new version, which might explain why it lost all of my settings when I updated to this latest version.

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Loosing settings have unfortunately been a common issue when updating any firmware. Not sure why, but it happens pretty often.

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This is the first time that I have experienced this, but I’m not too concerned - it doesn’t take long to reset the settings. I should remember to check the settings after each firmware update though.

But I was thinking that this could explain the loss of night vision for @macaroni8, and it would be quick to verify if the settings have changed, and change it back.

thx, but no, not in my case, verified all my settings same as before

Looks to me like if you changed the firmware your are screwed now since they removed the older firmware. WYZE has done this to the battery powered WCO and the base station all the time. It used to be an easy fix to go back to the previous version of firmware, not anymore. :astonished:

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Yeah, leave it to Wyze to screw things up…

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Ssshhh… Maybe its a secret, but all the old firmware is still there, but the links from the release notes pages are gone. Look at the links to the current firmware version, and replace the version number with the version number you want to download, in the same format, and it is still there.

Not sure what you mean!? When I click on the link it just downloads the zip file to my computer :thinking:

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I think he means change the name off the zip to the one you want.

After I download it? How the name change will change the content of the firmware?

Change the name of the zip to the version number you want before you click save and download. I just did it for an old version off the WCO firmware as a test and it does work

Yeah, I don’t have that option on Chrome for Mac :frowning: