V2 camera recording locally when it shouldn't

I have three v2 cameras, all with microSD cards, and local recording set to “Record events only.” Event Recording is turned on and off via IFTTT. When event recording is off, local recording still occurs. It should not. Local recording should only record events if Event Recording is turned on.

Is this a bug, or is this expected?

Here are my settings:

Welcome to the forum! The events page you posted the screen shot of is for the cloud event detection (yes I agree it could be labeled or informing of the user better). That is where you disable or enable the 12 second event clips or camplus if you have it. If you don’t want local storage, disable it in the second screen shot you posted with the toggle at the top.


IFTTT can control the cloud based recording only. It does not affect the SD card recording. The way you appear to have it set is for SD card recording to record only events. Additionally you have the cloud event recording turned off.

It is confusing I will admit, Wyze needs to do a better job of differentiation between the two methods.


Yes, I was assuming event recording meant the same thing in both places, just with a different target storage.

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