V2 Cam Clicking and Foggy Night Vision

I have a v2 Cam that is only a few months old and I have been experiencing lots of issues with it.

It all started with a very foggy night vision, it is located in my living room some days it provides a clear view at night and most days it does not. I placed another v2 camera in the same spot to see if it had a similar issue but it did not, left it there for over a week, all of the night shots are clear.

Set the original camera back in the living room and figured I would deal with it later. Well, now when the unit is on it clicks (the same click as if the IR is turning on and off or when it starts up) it does in complete darkness as well as during the day time. The clicking happens about every 2 min, unplugged it and placed it in my office. The next day I plugged it in, in my office and it worked fine. Decided to leave it there for a while and the next day the camera started to click again also in my office.

When it starts to do the clicking noise, the camera is unreachable. I can not connect to it via the app anymore, I also removed the SD card just in case it was causing a conflict.

Any suggestions? The next logical thing I can think to do is to reset it, using the setup button. There also seems to be a rest pin on the back of the unit but the reset instruction I saw did not mention using it.

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Usually when this happens, removing the SD card solves it. Then try formatting the SD card in a PC, or recently as I’ve heard if you have one, in a GoPro.

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