V1, v2, and Pan firmware released to public

Hi All,

We just released v1 firmware, v2 firmware and Pan firmware to public. This is to prepare our upcoming V2.0 app release. Here are our release notes:

  • Added more guard check before firmware upgrade to make upgrade safer
  • Added logs for firmware upgrade to catch upgrade issues
  • Fixed an issue that cameras may not execute on/off/restart commands correctly
  • Updated solution for the ‘incorrect offline status’ issue
  • (v2 & Pan) Fixed an issue that can cause cameras to upload event videos multiple times
  • (v1) Fixed an issue that camera keeps some large size videos on SD card



I use TinyCam for my WyzeCam V2 and Wyzecam Pan and I’ve configured it to send out an email (with attachment) whenever there is a motion detection event. I can simply check my emails and look at the snapshots taken. This saves me the effort and time to launch the Wyze app and view a 10 second recording for each alert. This setup has been working great for both cameras and is really stable. I’ve had no issues with this for weeks. But recently, I’ve updated both the V2 and the Pan to the latest firmware and I found that TinyCam doesn’t work properly anymore for my WyzeCam Pan.

To be more specific, TinyCam doesn’t seem to detect motion for my WyzeCam Pan as well as it used to. No detected motion means no emails are sent. I should be receiving about 10 emails on a daily basis, but now I’m only getting maybe 1 or 2 at most. I’ve tried testing but waving my hand and moving directly in front of the camera, like maybe 30cms away. Nothing detected by TinyCam. However, Wyze app will send me notifications just fine.

And before you ask, it’s not a configuration issue. I work in IT and have heaps of experience with setting up IP cameras. I’ve got multiple cameras around the house (different brands/models) and they all work fine. It’s just my WyzeCam that’s not working as it used to before. Here’s a quick rundown of my setup:

  • Wifi connection is not an issue. Under the Wyze app, my Pan shows 100% signal strength.
  • Network isn’t an issue. I have a 1Gb fiber connection. I’m a network engineer, I know what I’m doing.
  • Motion detection areas are configured correctly. They have not changed. I’m talking about the motion detection areas for both the Wyze app and TinyCam (they are configured separately).
  • My PAN isn’t configured to rotate at all. I only use the rotate function manually and I rarely do that.
  • Under my TinyCam settings, background mode is enabled, power saving is OFF (this gives you more FPS and keeps the app more stable). I’m not using any “record to local storage” or “record to cloud settings”. I’m using TinyCam purely for the email notification with snapshots.
  • I’m not using the TinyCam email server (which limits to 500 emails per month). I’m using my Gmail account with Gmail SMTP configurations. The sender and receiver are both the same account, so no I won’t run into any email sending limitations.
  • My TinyCam decoder setting is set to HW and I have tried HW+ as well. I’ve used the settings recommended by the software developer.
  • My TinyCam is updated to the latest build, I’m on the beta version in fact. I’ve tried the latest stable version as well, no difference.
  • Lastly (the most important bit), I have NO issues if I revert my WyzeCam Pan back to firmware version I have tried upgrading and downgrading to test this and can consistently replicate the same result. I have tried upgrading via the Wyze app, as well as upgrading from here - https://user.wyzecam.com/upgradedevices

I’m probably missing a few more key points but that’s pretty much it. This is a strange issue and I’m not sure what to make of it. TinyCam has no issues detecting motion events on my Wyzecam V2 and has no issues and therefore the emails for my V2 are sent as expected. As I mentioned already, my V2 is updated to the latest firmware as well. Looking at the firmware changelogs for both the V2 and the PAN, they seem to be the same.

I also found that TinyCam loses connection to my WyzeCam Pan frequently and doesn’t reconnect afterwards. This never happened before when my WyzeCam Pan was on an older firmware build. I can understand that when TinyCam loses connection to the camera, of course it will fail to detect motion events. But when it is connected and you can see the live stream just fine, waving in front of the camera doesn’t trigger a motion like it used to, which means no email is sent.

Just to clarify, there weren’t any network or connection issues. My Wyze app still sends me notifications and I still get IFTTT alerts for my WyzeCam Pan. It is only the TinyCam connection to my PAN that is lost.

I understand that you guys are not the software developer for TinyCam, but obviously, something has changed and that’s why TinyCam doesn’t work well anymore. For now, I’ve reverted back to the old firmware build and everything is working great.

So the question is, were there any changes related to video compression / codec / live streaming? Were there any API changes? Obviously, TinyCam connects to the WyzeCam cameras via your Wyze login credential, through the use of an API or something I guess. Perhaps something has changed and therefore the connection is dropped more frequently? Or perhaps there’s a change in the video compression or codec of the live stream? My understanding here is that TinyCam uses a live stream and if it detects motion in the areas that you have selected for monitoring, it will trigger a motion alert and send an email.

We didn’t change any encoding or video compression implementation intentionally. Although we don’t offer TinyCam support, I don’t recall any changes that may impact the behavior. If you want to figure it out, I suggest you contact TinyCam people. Thanks!


It seems like something got broken when updating the firmware because it looks like Wyze Cam Pans with that firmware are unable to detect motion, doesn’t matter if using the Wyze Cam app or not. My Pan is not detecting motion either on that firmware. No tagging neither events notifications, only for sound.

Motion detection sensitivity Must be Set kind of high for cam pan, I run mine at 70%

I have it currently at 100 sensitivity, and I have tried any sort of values from 0 to 100 to no avail. And looking in the forum and to be a common thing for the past few days.

Hopefully the wyze team Well get Some of these new problems with the app and firmware straightened out in the next couple of weeks

My firmware is , I’m using android 8 on a samsung s9+
Because My cam pan is off most of the time , Hasn’t been on for a couple of weeks, I wanted to check , I just turned it on and checked It out And there is no problem Catching motion and sending an alert .
Did you try restarting It within the app ? or power cycling it?

Yeah, I tried several restarts and power cycling, also deleting the device and adding it back. I even factory resetted, but it doesn’t even motion tag when in live view.

Also running Android 8.0.0 on Samsung S7 edge, although the phone should not matter for the camera motion detection.

Maybe the batch of new cameras are just faulty…

I don’t know my cam pan is 7 months old , I have new v2’s that work fine

Yeah, I should have been more specific, I meant the batch of Pans, v2s seem to work just fine. Different firmware and all.

No prob, I knew you were talking about the pan’s , I just mentioned that the new v2’s I have work ok

I got my new Pan at 31th Dec last day of 2018. I installed it in my iPhone and update to latest version of firmware. it cannot detect motion even if set to 100%, no tagging, no tracking. Sound is ok. same issue to you. I upload this issue by email with Wyze Ticket 157379. If they cannot solve this in a week, i think i will return this to Amazon because it perhaps caused by hardware changes.

I fixed my issue by downgrade to firmware (https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009821872-Wyze-Cam-Pan-Firmware), and using: (https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/flashing-your-wyzecam-pan-firmware/)

All my cameras are updated to v2 firmware
These few days I didn’t get any push notification at all. Now the cameras become useless without the feature. Are you aware of the issues or how do we fix it, I tried uninstall and reinstall the software, power up power down the unit. I checked the push notification and it is enabled. But still not working.

@cedric.c I noticed that under “Event Recording” you do not have “Detect motion” enabled. Try enabling that and then see what happens.

There is already another discussion on this:

Tried to upgrade firmware from to on my Pan cam a couple times–all failed. Used a MicroSD manually updated to with no issues. However, after firmware updated, cell phone app could barely connect to the cam, and shows message: Network connection not stable. The cam keep rebooting itself every couple minutes. Downgraded the firmware to, and the cam back to normal again. BTW, my WIFI router is 10 feet away from the cam within the same room.