V.2 cams defective

I have six v.2 Wyze cams and 4 are defective. Two have the pink tint, one is completely dead, and one just beeps with no lights or connection. I have followed all suggestions from Wyze support to no avail. So 4 of 6 are defective - not a good track record. 67% failure rate. I am very disappointed in the quality of this product. The newest was bought in 2020. These devices should last. Wyze offered me $20 for the two pinks and $15 for the two dead cams. Thanks, Wyze. I won’t be buying again. I guess you get what you pay for.

Not sure what Wyze support told you to try, but I would try turning off Night Vision (or cycle through Auto, On, Off a couple of times to see if a switch in software is stuck), then unplug the power cord for 30 seconds.

If no improvement, I would try a Factory Reset if possible.

Also, there is new BETA v2 firmware released today if you want to give it a try. None of these suggestions will help if there is bad hardware, but might be worth a try. Good luck.

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How old?
I have 18 V2 cameras with four that have died (and a fifth that may be joining that list). For the most part it’s the older ones, and I’m not overly concerned about a piece of inexpensive electronics that fails after four or five years.


I have never seen or heard of a Wyze cam beeping. Could you upload a video of that?

I have all v3 cameras. If I did have v2 cameras that died, I would look at that as an opportunity to upgrade to v3 cameras (because I still want to use CPL) or newer Wyze cameras if you have Cam Plus. Here is a Night Vision comparison.

Yep. Pretty much the same way here. There are several V2 cameras in locations where the starlight capability is completely un-needed (the camera inside my mailbox for example). I have unlimited CamPlus so not an issue going with the newer cameras that don’t work with CPL.

I took a short video but as a new user, I cannot upload.

Can you upload to YouTube and post the YouTube link here?

Sure - but mine are only 3 to 4 years old and 2/3 failure rate is not good enough. What in the hardware or software is failing?

Interesting perspective. My luck has been so good that I just bought more V2s from Wyze’s ebay store. Even their refurbished models come with a 2 year warranty. If they last more than 2 years, that’s great. If they last less than 2 years, that’s great too.

See K6CCC above with 4-5 fails out of 18 cams. Pink tint issue also noted elsewhere in forum.

Thanks - looking for the firmware as a last ditch attempt.

Try this - not sure if it will explain anything though.

That sounds like the IR filter switching in and out (which it does on bootup, but not repeatedly like that. One thought is that the power supply can’t handle the current draw to switch the filter and that results in a reboot.

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Appreciate your thoughts - makes sense. This happened when one camera went dead when and per support, I switched cables/usb from one camera to another to check cable on first - then both didn’t work.

Thanks again for your comments. How do I access the Version: BETA firmware update?

Here is a link with Beta info.

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@K6CCC Exactly!!! I had the same issue with a V3. Camera kept clicking for some odd reason. Disconnect, and all the typical things. Turns out it was the USB adapter that needed to be replaced. Replaced it and no more clicking from the camera. Tested the adapter, 5vdc ok, but once you put a load… dropped.