Using Wyze Thermostat for in floor electric radiant

I have successfully installed a Wyze Thermostat to regulate a floorboard radiator through an Aube RC840T-120 relay/contactor/transformer. Works great, all good, happy.

Now, I want to do the same with my SunTouch in floor heating. The one issue is how to connect the SunTouch in-floor sensor to use it as the primary temperature source. There are third party smart thermostats such as Mysa that do that, but I’d rather use Wyze if there is a way.

Any pointers? Any of the ports on the thermostat able to accommodate a floor sensor between 5kOhm to 40kOhm?


If I may ask, how did you set up the wiring? I have in floor heating as well but when I checked the previous thermostat controlling the in floor heating, it was an rh and a W wire with a bridge from the RH to the RC. I’ve bought the transformer for the c wire but I’m not sure how to set it up… any help?

Transformer connects to C and Rc.
Rh and W1 go to the item being controlled.
During setup, tell the wyze app your “old thermostat” has the following wires: Rc, Rh, W1, C