Using Wyze on Windows/Linux

For those who have been wondering, there is no app in existence for Windows or Linux, however, you can use an emulator and then drop the Wyze APK into the emulator. Apps like KoPlayer and MemuPlay are installable Windows Apps, and are connected via network, HOWEVER, these apps are not supported by Wyze and I am sure Wyze shuns the idea, you are putting yourself at risk for account comprimization. Research your methods for safe emulators, there are many out there. Goodluck guys!

You can see the screenshot below for proof that it works, my cat appears to be laying on the bed in the dark.

Edit: Windows of Linux to Windows or Linux, thanks /u/rckymtnrfc for pointing that out.

grab a microsd card, put the firmware on it, and voila! the camera now supports RTSP, so you can use zoneminder etc, to monitor the camera. It opens the door to many monitoring apps on many platforms. There is also Xiaomi DaFang Hacks fw to enable RTSP. Its a game changer. A 25$ camera with RTSP support. Awesome.


You can watch your Wyze Camera on VLC in a linux distribution. I use MX-19.

Today is Jun 27, 2020. I have a Black Wyze Camera v2 indoor camera but I have it on my AC outside as the Wyze Camera has a magnetic base and my AC is metal. I am viewing hummingbirds :grin:as they feed from my feeder.

You will need to install the WYZE app on some device such as your iphone, Ipad or Android as there is nothing for Linux. Then set up your camera and make sure it is working.

You do need to install the RTSP firmware to the Wyze Cam v2 first using the microcard.
Following the directions in one of these posts to do it and you will need to then go to your Wyze App, bring up the camera and go to Settings, then go to Advanced Settings and turn on RTSP support. Then put in a name and password (make them short!), it will then generate a URL (very long which will have your username and password co-joined, plus the # which is specific to your camera) for you which you can put in a text file, save the text file with a .vlc extension on your Linux Machine. Then open that text file on your linux machine with VLC and you will need to enter the User Name and Password that you had put in on the WYZE app and then you can see the wyze cam.

Tested and working this day. I did have to reinstall the Wyze Camera going though the whole setup routine so it would show in the WYZE app. I think this is normal after you change the firmware.

I have two linux machines and I can watch the Wyze camera on either at the same time.

And occasional flashes on the Google Nest device. By the way, having installed the RTSP I do get the Wyze camera to work on my Google Nest on and off. Just comes on and then goes off, comes on, goes off (“Playing Smart Home Camera” is shown against a blank screen). Annoying. Hope they fix this!

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I am using Bluestacks with windows 10 and now windows 11 and it works great!