Using my Wyze cams for my retail store

I currently only use my cams when I’m not there to pop on and keep an eye on things. I want to be able to view my cams on a monitor, in real time, while I’m at the store. Not just from my cell phone. Jumping from cam to cam quickly and seamlessly. Any help for me?

Until they implement RTSP, your best bet is to install nox app player on your pc and install the android wyze app in that.

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I really wanted to be able to view on a stand alone monitor/TV. Without having it fully connected to a PC. Is this possible? Or possibly a laptop or iPad

You could run it on a monitor with an amazon fire stick plugged into it and the wyze app sideloaded. You need something for the app to run on. Otherwise it could run on an ipad through wyze’s app.

Now, this wont be a seamless video switcher like you’d get with a traditional DVR/NVR security camera system, it’s just running the wyze app on something that’s bigger than a phone. Once RTSP is available, you could connect the wyze to a traditional NVR system and get the split screen / auto switching features.

I’m using an app called IP Cam Viewer on my iPad which works with a lot of different cameras. IP Camera Viewer – iOS «

I’m currently testing it with RTSP on the Wyze cam. You can have multiple cameras displayed in columns or you can auto cycle through all or a subset of cameras. There is an Android and iOS version (iPhone or iPad. ). It also has some recording and alerting features. Fairly inexpensive, too.