User adjustable time (MM:SS or random) for Pan Scan to remain at each waypoint

It would be nice to be able to control how long the camera stays in each position before panning to the next. Currently, it stays for 10 seconds, without any ability to adjust it. Individual settings for each stop would be nice :slight_smile:

I have a pancam in my shop, and I love it, BUT… I would love it even more if it could keep an eye on the register during opening hours, and an eye on the door when were closed.

That’s why I would like to propose a change to the panscan feature. Maybe let people enter the length of time the camera should stay on each position, or alternatively, enter the time at which the camera should move to that position.

Example; For me it would be position 1 at 8:00am, and position 2 at 6:00pm,
or stay at position 1 for 10 hours, stay at position 2 for 14 hours.


Any plans to add a rule where you can schedule the pan cam to turn to certain waypoints by time of day?


Hi @Alex1. I moved your post to this #wishlist topic so you can VOTE on it at the top-left, and discuss it further, if you wish. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Absolutely need this feature. And the suggestion about rules controlling waypoint focus at set times. Brilliant!


Right now the default time the wyze pan scan stay on is 10 seconds on each waypoints. I would like to be able to customize that for my needs. Thanks!

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Hi… Is it possible to increase default pause time of (10 seconds) during pan scan?? The 10 seconds seems a little short and would be nice if it was adjustable

Thank you for your time


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Hi @sw123 . I merged your post with this #wishlist topic so you can VOTE on it at the top-left. :slight_smile:

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Make scan time limit adjustable feel like 10secs is a lot of moving


Agreed. But make a thread in the wishlist section and I’ll vote on it.

@jmichaelgay85 I have moved your post over here to this #wishlist topic. Please scroll up to the top and VOTE for it.

@Krbodkin You can VOTE for it now at the top of this thread.


On the Cam Pan in Pan Scan mode, there is a hard-coded 10 second delay between visiting waypoints. Allow user to set the time between waypoints to any arbitrary time (5-60 seconds, 1-60 minutes).


so much this. a hard-coded 10 seconds?

How about adding a “random” scan instead of ever 10 seconds? For those of us using them for security purposes, ‘Intruders’ would not be able to ‘time’ when the camera would be pointed in a certain direction. Or at least “randomize” between the 4 fixed positions?


Increase or customize duration of each waypoint view on Pan Cam from 10 second default?

Could there be a way to increase or customize the duration of each waypoint when the camera is Pan Scan? 10 seconds is an arbitrary amount of time and for my purposes it is WAY too short!

I use this for wildlife viewing. The motion tracking is cool when it works but it does terrify wildlife and the pan scan would be a very cool feature if it wasn’t just whizzing around every 10 seconds, which not only terrifies wildlife, but is just constantly whizzing around and making loud motor sounds constantly. Stopping at each waypoint for longer, or having the option to customize waypoint duration, would be pretty nifty not just for me but for a lot of different kinds of users in my opinion.

Even better, or maybe on a separate note, would be the option to pause Pan Scan if motion is detected rather than trying to actually track the motion. Once motion is not detected for 15 seconds or so, the Pan Scan would continue (similar to how motion tracking works when an object stops moving or exits the screen, the camera resets.)

*Looked for anything similar on Pan v3 subcats but did not find it… let me know if I used wishlist correctly, I did read the rules!

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