Extend the 15 seconds

I like how the camera returns to default in 15 seconds, Wyze Pan Cam 3, However there is certain times i would like to extend the time for more then 15 seconds, or “freeze” the cam on a certain area. But without changing the default setting, kind of like a temp thing.

I am aware of the setting to change the default zones, but i want to leave it alone, because 98.427% of the time, that is what i like.

Sample on why this might be important. I recently had city workers working in my yard. I wanted to be able to keep a eye on them, while they did work or whatever else “they might of been doing” So i would like to be able to set the cam and keep it where it was until they left. The person tracking was not very useful due to where they was working at. I could move the camera to where they was, but that was it.

Thank you for reading my very first Wyze post, hopefully many more in the future, thank you.

I also want to be clear, i love the product, and it does give me peace of mind, So i figured i would put something here to make the product even better.

I also just seen that i should of added this to wishlist, but i am new here, and still working through some things

What if you disable motion tracking while this is happening?


That’s pretty specific! :slight_smile:

I do like the pan and tilt functions of the Pan and, but in my use cases I’d much rather have two fixed cameras covering what I would want the pan to cover. I have used pancams in mission critical locations, but I had the tracking disabled so they were glorified fixed cameras. Would having another fixed camera of some sort to cover your yard while leaving the pan cam to do it’s tracking?


The point is to “freeze” the camera during a short period of time, while workers are in the yard. Those workers could of been anywhere. So the fixed cam option would only work if the workers was always going to be in a single location. So what i am talking about is a temp freeze in a location where the workers are working, and once they was done, the camera would go back to its default after i disable the freeze, or a certain amount of time. Since the 15 seconds is not nearly enough time to stay “fixed” in a location.

As for the percentages, You know that most states on the internet are made up, so why not go the extra mile with the made up stat… A bit of humor added to the post, But the bulk of the post is something i would really like to see… "set position for an hour, 2 hours, 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

The other good perk to having something like that, is the camera with me where you want it, and you can use Wyze web view and not worry about it changing after every 15 seconds.

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I thought about that, but a simple button of “freeze cam location” would keep you from having to change your liked default settings.

So your suggesting a “freeze for x minutes” you can enable, and after the time is up it will automatically resume its normal motion tracking/pan scan operations.

I would use the #wishlist to suggest that feature.

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There is a item in the “add more actions to rules” wishlist for enable/disable motion tracking.

If implemented that could be used as a shortcut action for manual action. Maybe add the modifier of “enable/disable motion tracking for ###” also.

Multiple fixed cameras? Depending on the swath of yard the pan cam watches with it’s 120 degree fov, the OGS has a similar, but a hair over 121 degree fov and the reg v3’s 130 degree fov would cover and being important to me, everything else it would see and have continuous recording of. Just saying options that are available right now for you. :slight_smile: