Use Wyze contact to notify me when front door bell is pushed

Again, after reading what others have done, I also mounted a contact inside my front door bell. Whenever the solenoid in the door bell is activated, when someone pushes the door bell, it also activates the Wyze Contact which notifies me that the door bell has been pushed. I also use the contact to trigger a Wyze camera watching the front door. See photo …


great idea. you effectively have a Wyze doorbell now :upside_down_face:

So is the sensor giving you a “open” warning and then when someone rings the doorbell you get a closed warning, correct? Is the doorbell solenoid acting as the “close” magnet? How well does this work if the person ringing the door bell does a very quick push?
Thanks for sharing.

The Doorbell sensor shows as always open until the doorbell is pushed, then it shows closed momentarily. Yes, the door bell magnet, activated when someone pushes the doorbell, is acting as the “close” magnet. It works very well, even when the doorbell is pressed quickly. My grandson, 4 years old, will press the doorbell quickly multiple times and I am notified every time he pushes the button. I do believe I have seen a few times when the button is pushed quickly and I am not notified, but very rarely has then been a problem. Hope that helps.

This is brilliant. I’m gonna have to try this once I get my Sense kit.